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DETECH SSP-5100 with discrimination

DETECH SSP-5100 with discrimination

Price: 3085.00 BGL (1577.34 EUR)
(2570.83 BGL excl. VAT)
3085.00 BGL
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Manufacturer: Garrett
Price: 100.00 BGL
in EUR:51.13 EUR
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The package includes: – GoldenMask 4 PRO 18kHz– search coil 25×31 cm […]

Manufacturer: GoldenMask
Price: 630.00 BGL
in EUR:322.11 EUR
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The coil of Golden Mask 1 is 28 см (11”) DD sized. […]

Manufacturer: GoldenMask
Price: 400.00 BGL
in EUR:204.52 EUR
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