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Metaldetector BountyHunter Land Ranger with nugget coil and gifts

Metaldetector BountyHunter Land Ranger with nugget coil and gifts

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Having two searchcoils is almost like having two metal detectors as there are definite advantages to having searchcoils in various sizes. Larger searchcoils tend to search deeper, while smaller searchcoils are better suited to areas with lots of metal targets.

Big LCD display and intuitive touch pad controls give you full time command in the field. Target ID, depth, sensitivity level, battery level, target number ID, ground balance monitor, target accept/reject and iron level discrimination are all displayed for instant reference. No hidden programming: easy to use, put potent.

This is the detector that puts you squarely in the driver’s seat. When you know what you want to find, you want Land Ranger. It’s packed with serious features for the serious detectorists. Large LCD display and intuitive touch-pad controls give you full-time command in the field. Target ID, depth, sensitivity level, target number ID, ground balance monitor, target accept/reject, iron level discrimination, and battery level, are all displayed for instant reference. Land Ranger even comes with Smart Trac ground control, so you can compensate automatically for mineral content in the ground you are searching. ( That’s ideal for gold prospecting and black-sand searches.) There’s no hidden programming to learn: for all its power, Land Ranger is surprisingly easy-to-use, even you’re first time in the field. Also @includes BOUNTY D-Tech 8-inch search coil and 4-inch Gold Nugget Coil.

The LAND RANGER is a top-of-the-line professional metal detector offering high-end features indispensable for the serious metal detectorists. A large LCD panel displays current operating status at all times during in-the-field application. Target ID, Depth Readout, Sensitivity Level, Battery Level, Target Number Indication, Ground Balance Monitor, Target Accept/Reject, and Iron Level Discrimination are all displayed by the LCD panel.

The Land Ranger is designed for every metal detecting application conceivable at a professional level. All features and functions are highly visible with no hidden programming. The touch pads keep all modes of operation at quick and easy access while the LCD emits a constant reference source maximizing every possibility for finding treasure.

• Numbered Target Values
• Sensitivity Level
• Battery Level
• Ground Monitor
• Ground Level
• Target Indication
• Depth Readout
• Target Accept/Reject

▪ Approx. Weight: 3.5 lbs
▪ Operating Frequency (kHz): 6.6
▪ Digital LCD Readout
▪ Low Battery Indicator (LCD)
▪ All Metal No-Motion (Auto Ground)
▪ Motion Discrimination (Auto Ground)
▪ 3-Tone Target ID
▪ 1/4″ Headphone Jack
▪ Internal Speaker System
▪ Search Coil Size: 8″ Open-Face
▪ Waterproof Coil System
▪ Requires Two C-Cell Alkaline Batteries
▪ S-Rod Handle System
▪ Adjustable Aluminum Stem


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