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deltapulse detech fisher garrett goldenmask minelab noktamakro quest whites xp

The long-awaited new look 3000D is now available: – Twice more powerful […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 3600.00 BGL
in EUR:1840.65 EUR

This is a method for detection of treasures, water and ores. It […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 2900.00 BGL
in EUR:1482.75 EUR

This powerful amplifier is suitable as a supplement to the long-range locator […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 500.00 BGL
in EUR:255.65 EUR
DDSL fixed

This is the highest technology for long range location providing the ability […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 7000.00 BGL
in EUR:3579.04 EUR
prospector front

This is a unique distant pistol detector for long-range location of objects buried […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 5000.00 BGL
in EUR:2556.46 EUR
dds ultimate main

Important: DDSL6 Ultimate is 30% more powerful than the standard treasure long […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 8000.00 BGL
in EUR:4090.34 EUR
eliminator fullpack

The eliminator is a product which is needed when looking for long […]

Manufacturer: Deltapulse
Price: 600.00 BGL
in EUR:306.78 EUR